Sparks for Tennessee House of Representatives

I'm Dean Sparks. I spent my career as a social worker and I'd like to put my years of experience to work for my fellow Tennesseans. I'd like to represent you in the decisions our state makes. Use this form to sign up for my email newsletter.

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Will You Vote For Sparks on November 6th?

As a social worker, I spent my entire career working for the most vulnerable in my community. It was difficult work, but it gave me insight into the kind of resources and policies communities need. It also taught me to listen - something many of our legislators fail to do. 

It's our responsibility to provide affordable healthcare for all, provide for our Veterans, advocate for our students and teachers, and build strong infrastructure to create communities where people can thrive personally and economically.

The bottom line - we all do better, when we all do better. I will serve "we the people" and not for personal gain, big business, or party allegiance.

My wife, Sue and I love our hometown, our church, and our neighbors here in Tennessee. If you live in Rhea, Bledsoe, Sequatchie, or Roane counties, let me put my years of public service experience to work for you.

With your vote, your donations, and any time you can volunteer, I can represent you in the Tennessee House of Representatives.

The Election is on Tuesday November 6, 2018

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Teachers are the stewards of our future. They should make a decent living wage. We need to attract, retain, and reward the long term effort provided by quality teachers.

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We all have the right to affordable healthcare. I will work with my peers in Nashville to find bi-partisan solutions to meet our state's healthcare needs.

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Vote For Sparks

 On November 6, 2018  #VoteForSparks. Your vote is your voice. Remember to register or confirm you're registered. On Nov 6, bring your photo I.D. to the polls.

IMPORTANT: Online voter registration must be submitted at least 30 days before the election.